Final Reflection Rhetorical Analysis

For my rhetorical analysis, I didn’t make any new changes mostly because the paper is no longer fresh on my mind. I did a terrible job on this paper and I think it is because rhetorical analysis’ are my weakness in writing. Ever since my junior year AP English class I feel I have only gotten worse at writing them. I don’t know where to switch from just pointing out what devices are being used to how they are being used or to why. This paper did set me up to learn a lot about my process of writing and … Continue reading Final Reflection Rhetorical Analysis

Final Major Issues Reflection

This assignment was the most difficult for me so I am thankful it came at the end of the year because I had already developed a lot of my writing skills through the semester. I did my best through the essay to relate as many points and sources I could back to the theme that the American high school is for the preparation of students for the future. I felt that the purpose of the high school was the best foundation for my arguments because students must be ready for a lot more than just class when it comes to … Continue reading Final Major Issues Reflection

Final Reflection Multimodal Mini-Ethnography

While writing these three articles I was able to refine my revising process so that I didn’t leave any information out. I accidentally found this new process because when I first wrote the articles all I did was cram as much information into the articles as I could and they were incredibly bland. As I was going back through and rereading the articles I was able to note in each place what kind of original content to insert with the information to complement it. For this assignment, I didn’t make any new changes for the portfolio because I looked at … Continue reading Final Reflection Multimodal Mini-Ethnography

Final Overarching Reflection

Trevor White Final Overarching Reflection Bret Zawilski R C 2001 Through this class, whether I liked it or not, the assignments we did taught me a lot about writing and how I do it best. While I developed my ability to find good usable sources through the rhetorical analysis and major issues essay the assignment that helped me most was the multimodal mini-ethnography assignment. Through writing the three articles for the assignment I developed a method of revising my writing that suited me best. I was able to compose what could be called a “shitty first draft” with all the … Continue reading Final Overarching Reflection

Major Issues Essay (Draft 2)

Trevor White Major Issue Essay R C 2001 Bret Zawilski Religion in American High Schools             Religion’s effect on culture is apparent from the role of priests in early societies like Mesopotamia to the ongoing debate of what role religion should play in American Public schools. In 1947, the supreme court incorporated the Establishment Clause into the first Amendment prohibiting “any law ‘respecting an establishment of religion.’,” ( Then, on June 25th, 1962, the Engle vs. Vitale case arose questioning “Whether school-sponsored nondenominational prayer in public schools violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,” ( The U.S. Supreme Court … Continue reading Major Issues Essay (Draft 2)

Major Issues Essay (Draft 1)

Trevor White Major Issue Essay R C 2001 Brett Zawilski Teaching Religion In Public Schools             Religion is something that echoes throughout society; college campuses are polluted with preachers yelling about sin and hell, religious studies are now in general education, and the ongoing debate of what should or shouldn’t be taught. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment “prohibits the government from making any law ‘respecting an establishment of religion.’,” (  On June 25th, 1962, the supreme court ruled on the case Engle vs. Vitale that addressed the issue of “Whether school-sponsored nondenominational prayer in public schools violates the … Continue reading Major Issues Essay (Draft 1)

Multimodal Reflection

For my Multimodal project, I decided to cover the field of Greek life. I did this because with my major being accounting there was not much room for creativity and this assignment was one that I felt I needed to be creative with so that I could do my best. Next to my major, Greek life has affected me the most in my time at Appalachian State so I felt it fit to use it as my topic. By creating three different articles; one on the history of Greek Life, one on the councils and system at ASU, and one … Continue reading Multimodal Reflection