Final Reflection Rhetorical Analysis

For my rhetorical analysis, I didn’t make any new changes mostly because the paper is no longer fresh on my mind. I did a terrible job on this paper and I think it is because rhetorical analysis’ are my weakness in writing. Ever since my junior year AP English class I feel I have only gotten worse at writing them. I don’t know where to switch from just pointing out what devices are being used to how they are being used or to why.

This paper did set me up to learn a lot about my process of writing and also about finding topics that suit my writing. With something like music, I am so personally involved in the topic that I couldn’t effectively change my writing into the analytical manner it needed to be. Despite my lack of effectiveness on this assignment I did learn a lot and have to appreciate it for what it is for. Had the assignment been an AP test style rhetorical analysis where I could have stuck to the same old structure I wrote a rhetorical analysis in every third day in high school I would have done better but between freshman year and this year I still can’t break the same old process as usual.


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