Final Reflection Multimodal Mini-Ethnography

While writing these three articles I was able to refine my revising process so that I didn’t leave any information out. I accidentally found this new process because when I first wrote the articles all I did was cram as much information into the articles as I could and they were incredibly bland. As I was going back through and rereading the articles I was able to note in each place what kind of original content to insert with the information to complement it.

For this assignment, I didn’t make any new changes for the portfolio because I looked at my last drafts and thought about how I would be composing the articles if I was writing for The Odyssey. I felt that the way I had the articles composed was exactly how I would have done so if I were posting them online rather than turning them in to a teacher. The articles were formed so that they appeal to the audience of incoming college students, I didn’t want to be too serious or too robotic with the information so that the articles had a person to person feel rather than a research article feel to them.


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