Final Overarching Reflection

Trevor White

Final Overarching Reflection

Bret Zawilski

R C 2001

Through this class, whether I liked it or not, the assignments we did taught me a lot about writing and how I do it best. While I developed my ability to find good usable sources through the rhetorical analysis and major issues essay the assignment that helped me most was the multimodal mini-ethnography assignment. Through writing the three articles for the assignment I developed a method of revising my writing that suited me best. I was able to compose what could be called a “shitty first draft” with all the information I wanted to be included and from there I was able to edit the writing into good content that developed my ideas well. With my background of writing I struggled in this class, the ways I have learned to write do not line up well with the goals of this course and I struggled to shift my focus to fit the course.

The method of revision that I developed was the biggest development in my writing because I learned how to separate the information I wanted to include and my views so I could then blend them together more effectively. This makes me feel much more comfortable with my writing because I can look over the steps I took to make sure there is no redundancy in the final product and no information is being sacrificed for content. This will translate to my future because writing in my free time is something I find a lot of joy in so I can use the process and ideas I have developed for that writing as well. Since I am an accounting major I don’t encounter many writing assignments and especially not ones that would be helped by this process so I don’t foresee many challenges in writing with my future coursework.

From writing the rhetorical analysis I found that the way I was taught to write rhetorical analysis’ in high school is still engrained in my brain and it is really hard for me to progress past that to write with good content. Since I had a lot of time to write the Rhetorical analysis in this class and when I did in high school I had a short period of time for the AP class I was in I wasn’t able to stop writing in the robotic way I learned in the past. The method of writing I was so used to caused me to sacrifice the quality of the analysis and focus more on mentioning as many rhetorical devices as I could. As I said earlier in reference to the multimodal project it changed my process of writing completely so that I could more effectively revise my own writing. The final major issues essay was a difficulty for me because blending rhetorical analysis with an argument felt impossible, when I write about topics that are argued I get focused on my beliefs and how I want to portray them rather than developing well on my sources and using them as tools for my writing.


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