Final Major Issues Reflection

This assignment was the most difficult for me so I am thankful it came at the end of the year because I had already developed a lot of my writing skills through the semester. I did my best through the essay to relate as many points and sources I could back to the theme that the American high school is for the preparation of students for the future. I felt that the purpose of the high school was the best foundation for my arguments because students must be ready for a lot more than just class when it comes to college.

This assignment pushed me to try and blend a rhetorical analysis with an argumentative essay into one paper. That was hard to me because it was not a task I had been prepared for and I struggled to do so especially with the low confidence I have in my ability to write rhetorical analysis’. However, the assignment did me a lot of good because, like in the multimodal mini-ethnograhy assignment, I was pushed to revise over and over. Through the various rounds of revising I was able to see where my strengths and weaknesses in these styles of writing are, something I wish I was better equipped to do at the beginning of the year for the rhetorical analysis.

I made changes to the final draft so that I better used academic sources and wrote in a more professional manner. I was able to change the paper so that I more effectively argued my points and brought them back to a common ground to relate them to the overall theme of the paper.


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